Few churches have a plan for teaching disciples of Jesus how to obey everything he commanded.

The Get Discipled Project aims to change that.

In light of the explicit comprehensiveness of Christ's commission (Matt. 28:19-20), we believe every church should have a working plan for teaching disciples of Jesus to obey everything he said. We're committed to providing the practical resources churches need to move beyond haphazard disciple-making and pursue the Great Commission with systematic intentionality.

This will require us to develop, publish, translate, and even gift these resources to churches and Christ followers, as the Lord directs. Emboldened by Christ's promise to build his church (Matt. 16:18) and the confidence that he uses his people to accomplish his work, we've taken a crowd-funding approach to advancing this work.

"The Get Discipled Project" is a partnership with donors like you who share our passion to see myriad churches pursuing the Great Commission with great purpose and gusto. Together, we can equip churches everywhere to multiply thousands of fully-formed, God-glorifying followers of Jesus the Messiah!

Will you join us?

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