The Get DISCIPLED series

Our current project is an ambitious and long overdue catechism for intentional disciple making. Entitled Get DISCIPLED, this comprehensive series of nine small group guidebooks is based on a painstaking synthesis of everything Jesus taught. It's designed to serve as a foundational curriculum for teaching disciples of Jesus to joyfully obey everything he commanded. The series is all mapped out, and the writing is underway. With the help of financial partners like you, we can soon have this ground-breaking resource into the hands of disciples and church leaders everywhere! 

Each of the nine guidebooks that will comprise the Get DISCIPLED series addresses one of the outcomes of getting discipled. Below are the titles of each of these guidebooks, as well as where we are in the publication process. Your contribution will help fund the next guidebook in the series.

Partners who contribute $25 or more will receive upon request a complimentary copy of the guidebook under construction.  

DELIVERANCE: holding fast to our FreeDOM IN CHRIST  

[second edition in process]

Intimacy: Dwelling in Vital Union with cHRIST

[awaiting funding]

SURRENDER: relinquishing our all TO CHRIST


community: embracing the Body of CHRIST

[awaiting funding]

insight: Unpacking the Treasures of CHRIST

[awaiting funding]

Purpose: Pursuing Our High Calling in Christ

[awaiting funding]


[awaiting funding]

empathy: helping overlooked disciples of CHRIST

[awaiting funding]

deployment: fulfilling the mission of CHRIST

[awaiting funding]

Published guidebooks are featured in our store and are available on Amazon. Bulk discounts (over ten copies) are available by contacting us directly.